Bykvartal Bryn

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Commercial \\ Urban development \\ Residential

Feasibility study for a city block of 25,000m2 in Bryn. With an interest in the foreseeable growth prospects for Hovinbyen, Oslo Works was commissioned by Bryn Eiendom and Vedal Utvikling for a development proposal of the estate.


bryn makeover

Bryn is changing. From a car based industrial area to a future urban situation integrated in the city fabric, easily accessible through public transport (subway, bus and train) and good communication axis for bikes and pedestrians.

The feasibility study investigates how to create a city block of mixed use which connects to the future infrastructure of streets, parks and public spaces with active interaction and a varied programmatic content of retail and office areas in the lower floors. At the same time the building structure should address the air pollution and noise from nearby roads, and create good living conditions for a wide variety of people with different housing needs and wishes. Good daylight conditions and ample outdoor areas for public, semi-public and private recreation and activities have been paramount.

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Project name: Bykvartal Bryn

Typology: Mixed (residential, commercial)

Location: Oslo, Norway

Year: 2017

Status: Feasibility study

Size: 23,000 m2

Client: Bryn Eiendom / Vedal Utvikling