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In March 2018, Fræna municipality organised a parallel commission for the development of the new Elnesvågen centre. The teams were asked to provide creative and realistic proposals for a comprehensive development strategy for the new centre that will offer an attractive and environmentally friendly meeting place for the whole municipality. Oslo Works participated in a team with KOHT Arkitekter and Asplan Viak.


A lively and inclusive centre for everyone

The task was to present comprehensive, climate-aware, cost-effective and innovative solutions that show how the new Elnesvågen centre can become an attractive centre for the whole municipality and region. Simultaneously, an implementation-strategy was formed that would explain how the municipality, as a planning authority, developer and service provider, would together with other central associates ensure its realisation. The ideas that were presented in the parallel commission will be used as a base for the planning process in Elnesvågen centre.

Fræna municipality identified beforehand seven central challenges that all teams needed to address:

The village Elnesvågen needs to open up - strengthen its contact with the fjord

New Primary school in the centre - including areas for sport and culture

Square and social meeting spaces for all generations

Green mobility, urban form, logistics and organisation of the centre

Climate adaptation, micro-climate and energy systems

Living and working locally - and/ or commuting

Implementation strategy and development phases.


Project name: Elnesvågen

Typology: Urban development

Location: Elnesvågen, Norway

Year: 2018

Status: Parallell comission


Client: Fræna kommune

Collaborators: Koht Arkitekter, Asplan Viak