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Culture \\ Landscape

Our proposal "Ferrum" just got awarded 2nd prize in the open international design competition for "House of Photography" in Oslo, among 98 entries. The proposal focused on still offering an open, accessible platform for broad public use throughout the island, meanwhile allowing the galleries and multi-use spaces to hover above and interact somewhat seamlessly.

Prosjekter Fotgrafihuset 01

The project also mapped out the many historical changes and developments on the site, defining its industrial identity, and arguing for a continued need for pragmatism, flexibility and adaptability to change in this spot between its neighbors of fixed, iconic cultural buildings. And yes, Bjørvika needs colour!

Prosjekter Fotgrafihuset 02
Prosjekter Fotgrafihuset 03
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Project name: Ferrum - House of Photography

Typology: Public

Location: Sukkerbiten, Oslo

Year: 2019

Status: Competition entry


Client: HAV Eiendom AS

Collaborators: Einar Aslaksen, Urgent.Agency, VOID