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Originally built by Ford motor company in the 1920, the old industrial building in Rodeløkka have served many causes over the years. Before being transformed into offices, it was most recently a space for an auctianary house. Oslo Works have found re-use of these spaces through simple transformation, and it is now our own co-working space.

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This must be the place!

The transformation process have focused on opening up, and finding the original interior surfaces. The ceiling was once 1,5m lower, and the space used to be more divided. By opening up, increasing the window sizes and introducing only two new materialities, birch veneer and glass sliding doors, the space got a light an airy feel. It now hosts a small cowering community of around 25 people, amongst those, Oslo Works.

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Project name: Gøteborggata 27B

Typology: Transformation

Location: Oslo, Norway

Year: 2017

Status: Completed

Size: 350 m2

Client: oslo.coworks