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Urban development

In 2020 Hemne, Halsa and Snillfjord will be joined together to become the new Heim municipality, and Kyrksæterøra will be the new centre of the county. During the spring of 2018, a parallel commission has resulted in alternative strategies that have examined the potential for development. These proposals will be used to define the new zoning plans of the town centre.

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Urban fabric in Kyrksæterøra

Kyrksæterøra will be the centre and heart of town for many people once the joining of municipalities is completed. Kyrksæterøra has a strong historical identity and wonderful nature closeby. Our vision for Kyrksæterøra is to further strengthen the town’s identity and appeal, through methods that clearly define the path towards a sustainable local community with focus on the quality of life, home, health and creating a good and safe environment to raise children. All of these factors should take consideration of what nature and climate permits.

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We envision a future Kyrksæterøra that has brought back some of its authentic identity as a small village by the coast, where community, interaction and activity in the centre characterises daily life and strengthens togetherness. We see a municipality centre that has consciously made smarter and more sustainable choices, and that is prepared and equipped for changes in society.

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Project name: Kyrksæterøra

Typology: Urban development

Location: Kyrksæterøra, Norway

Year: 2018

Status: Parallell comission


Client: Hemne municipality

Collaborators: KOHT Arkitekter

Render: Tegmark