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In two phases Oslo Works and KOHT Arkitekter have been involved in a parallel commission exploring transformation strategies for Leangen in Trondheim. From parking lots and box architecture to a 100 000 m2 green mobility hub of housing, offices, shops, cafés, culture, recreation and sports. Frost Eiendom have decided to engage us in the coming process of project development and regulation. We’re eager to get started!


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In the plan we have proposed an urban pattern of 12 buildable plots of varying sizes, that have their extents defined according to space requirements of parks, urban space, streets and the railway corridor. The plots allow the possibility to establish an urban grid of blocks, with a few free-standing volumes that are strategically placed, (for example to mark a meeting point.)

The proposal argues that the best way to strengthen the public transport node is to densify around Bromstadbrua and along Bromstadgata, where the new translation will be moved to. The existing road can be urbanized into an urban street with new buildings along both sides, instead of moving the focus away from the actual transition point on the bridge. A new Peder Falcks bridge over the railway tracks will further better the connections.

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The illustrated proposal can be understood as our recommendation for heights, volume and building typologies and program-mix. The buildings are placed so that the volumes closest to the sources of noise (Haakon VIIs gate and Bromstadsgata) act as noise-barriers for other areas. Here, the program is also chosen according to noise-level, where housing is placed on higher floors. These design-solutions are based on the collaboration and expertise of acoustic consultants.

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Project name: Senterområde Leangen

Typology: Urban development

Location: Trondheim, Norway

Year: 2018 -

Status: Project development and regulation

Size: 100,000 m2

Client: Frost Eiendom AS

Collaborators: KOHT Arkitekter

Render: Beauty and THE BIT