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Together with Edit Atelier, Oslo Works has proposed a new urban plan for Parkveien 27 to 31. The proposal is one of five entries as part of a parallel commission for Bertel O. Steen and Aspelin Ramm. With the title Y I O B Y (Yes in our backyard!), our proposal focuses on the potential synergies and values that can emerge amongst the existing buildings. The other teams are Haptic, Jarmund Vigsnæs, Lund Hagem and Reiulf Ramstad.
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(yes in our back yard!)

“Y I O B Y !” is an urban development strategy that focuses on adaptation, dialogue and mutual increased-value between the existing and new buildings. The project aims to praise these qualities and the various features that can be experienced both on the site and the neighbouring areas, by emphasising them to spark new synergies, in order to better not only the community’s backyard, but also the city’s backyard.

The area is being developed during a time where technology characterizes social development, and our habits and preferences are quickly changing. Services are supply are modified along with these trends, and many believe that our future surroundings will be defined by a certain generalisation.


We believe that this site can handle a high density, including underground, where large areas and buildings can meet each other. We feel that potentials for use are many, from cultural programs to experience-based shopping, health/well-being, food, production and more.

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Project name: YIOBY!

Typology: Urban development

Location: Oslo, Norway

Year: 2018

Status: Parallell comission

Size: 11,000m2

Client: Aspelin Ramm Eiendom AS, Bertel O. Steen Eiendom

Collaborators: edit/atelier