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Programming \\ Healthcare

Verdal carecentre is an institution for 132 residents, with production kitchen, social zones with daily activities, cultural halls and knowledge arenas. The project is about 13000m2 large.


New carecentre and culture zone in Verdal

The task has been to lead the programming and development phase including tender documents and be the project leader for the coming next phase where we will work in close dialogue with many different collaborators.

People are a resource for people

The client, Verdal municipality have put great focus on collaborations. In other words we have not only looked at the needs of residents and employees, but also relatives, neighbours, volunteers and cultural organisations. In cooperation with the national competency centre for culture, health and care, a pilot project will be initiated for environmental music-therapy. The project’s closest neighbour, Verdal senior school have also been close collaborators and will continue to be in the running of the carehome. As part of the municipality’s principles for their care-service philosophy: the more people that have ordinary errands in the building, the better the carehome will be.

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Project name: Verdal bo- og behandlingssenter

Typology: Healthcare

Location: Verdal, Norway

Year: 2017-2018

Status: Programming

Size: 13,000 m2

Client: Verdal municipality